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Guarantee Claim Rules

The complaint rules of the company INTERPROMOTION, s. r. o., areál Svit - Rybníky, budova 294, 760 01 ZLÍN, ID: 26266253, registered in the Commercial Register of KOS in Brno, Section C, Insert no. 40927

Introductory provisions

These complaint rules amend the rights and responsibilities of the contractual parties when asserting and attending to complaints and performing warranty and post-warranty repair.

The following definitions apply for the purposes of these complaint rules:
Customer is understood as the physical person or legal entity identified on the invoice and delivery note as the receiver.
Product or goods are understood as any product duly delivered to the customer by the company INTERPROMOTION on the basis of a concluded purchase agreement.
Adequate discount is understood as a discount that corresponds in percentage to the decreased beneficial value of a product as a result of a defect.
The basic condition for asserting a claim is the submission of relevant documents regarding the purchase and acceptance of goods, i.e. invoices or delivery note, which also serve as the warranty document.
Consent with the warranty conditions are confirmed by the customer by signing the delivery note (delivery note of the freight hauler) during acceptance of the goods. If the goods are not received in person, acceptance of the good is understood as the moment when the goods are received from the freight hauler.

Entitlement for asserting a claim

The customer is obligated to conduct an inspection of the goods as soon as they are accepted. If this is not performed, he/she may assert a claim for defects determined during this inspection only when it is demonstrated that the goods had this defect at the time of acceptance.

A warranty applies only to production defects of products or other defects, if they have not been caused by unprofessional or careless handling, use of the product in conflict with its purpose or service instructions, mechanical damage, wear or another defect caused by other non-standard phenomena.

The customer is not entitled to assert a claim for a product manufactured according to approved technical documentation or an approved sample, which has a defect of a structural character.

Entitlement for asserting a claim is waived in the following cases:

a) loss of documents;
b) if by the date the claim is asserted, the warranty period for asserting a claim for the goods has expired;
c) mechanical damage to goods;
d) electrical damage to a product caused by external short or other unsuitable handling of the product;
e) damage to the product during transport;
f) use of the product under conditions that do not correspond to its temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical
and mechanical impact on the purpose of its use;
g) unprofessional installation, handling, service, or lapse in care for the product;
h) the product has been damaged by excessive load or use in conflict with the conditions noted
in the documentation and norms or general principles;
i) the product has been damaged by the elements (force majeure).

The customer does not have the right to apply a warranty for defects of which it had been informed in writing from the side of INTERPROMOTION at the time of order or delivery of the goods and which he/she had accepted by signing the delivery note.

Duration of warranty

INTERPROMOTION, in the sense of valid laws, shall provide a warranty of 24 months for the products, unless another length has been established for specific products.
The warranty period begins on the day the goods are delivered and shall be extended for any period during which the product has been in warranty repair.
In the case of an exchange of goods for new goods, possible future claims shall be asserted on the basis of the original invoice or delivery note.

Repair price list

All acknowledged warranty repairs are provided free of charge.

In case of an unauthorised claim, the customer shall be billed for all costs related to the judgment of legitimacy and repair of a product and its transport to the customer, or travel costs related to resolving the claim on site.

Method for conducting a claim

In case of a claim, the buyer is obligated to mention the invoice or order number, which relates to the claimed goods and to describe the defect and its manifestation as truthfully as possible. The customer shall deliver the claim in writing, by fax or e-mail.

INTERPROMOTION reserves the right to determine the method and location for resolving the claim within 3 days after receiving the claim from the customer. The customer is not authorised to send the goods for a claim to the headquarters of INTERPROMOTION without prior consent.

In case of transport, the claimed goods must be in a suitable container, in order to avoid damage during transport and handling.

INTERPROMOTION shall decide on the claim no later than within 30 business days from the receipt of the claimed goods, unless otherwise agreed upon by the contractual parties. According to the type of product, not calculated in this period is the relevant period needed for professional evaluation of the defect. All information about the course of claim proceedings will be provided to the customer by e-mail or fax.

INTERPROMOTION is obligated to resolve acknowledged claims in the aforementioned period in the following manner:

a) if it involves a defect that may be removed, the customer has the right that it be removed free of charge, duly and on time and INTERPROMOTION is obligated to remove the defect by the method and at the site according to its own consideration,
b) if it involves a defect that cannot be removed and which prevents the proper use of the product, the customer has the right for an exchange of the product for a defect-free, functional product with the same or better technical parameters. If the seller cannot conduct an exchange of the product for another, the claim will be settled by issuing a credit note for the defective product. The possible exchange of goods or issuance of a credit note affects only the defective product not the entire delivery of goods,
c) if it involves a defect that cannot be removed and which does not prevent the proper use of the product, INTERPROMOTION will remove the aforementioned defect by a method according to its own consideration, or provide the client with an adequate discount from the purchase price.

If a claim is acknowledged as unauthorised or not acknowledged, INTERPROMOTION has the right to claim compensation for all expended costs for settlement including costs for transport and labour.

Legal relations not amended by these Conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code as amended.

In Zlín 1. 1. 2005

Nataša Dostálová
Managing Director



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